MiSTer FPGA Parts List

The Terasic DE-10 Nano board (the computer of the setup)
I believe I originally paid $160 for this but now it’s up to $215 (as of this post).

The Terasic DE-10 Nano FPGA

All the parts below can be ordered for VERY low costs from AliExpress. If you want to use U.S. sellers, I provided links below along with descriptions and pictures of the needed parts. I also posted a MiSTer setup guide here.

Parts list:

  • Terassic DE-10 Nano FPGA
  • 128MB SDRAM
  • MiSTer IO Board
  • CPU Fan
  • CPU Heatsink
  • MiSTer USB Hub
  • Micro SD Card (64GB recommended); and optional – you can put games on a thumb-drive

128MB SDRAM. This is necessary for most Console and Arcade cores. Should run you around $62. Most can run with 32MB SDRAM but 128MB is necessary for Neo Geo. If you are on a budget, you can use just the SDRAM, the Terasic DE-10 and an USB Hub you have laying around.

128 MB SDRAM Module

MiSTer FPGA IO Board (version 6.1). Approximately $54. Use this board to connect to a VGA monitor (optional), line out for audio (analog or digital), built-in CPU fan to cool the FPGA, hardware reset and other buttons, and an IO port for using real console controllers (Nintendo, Genesis, etc).

MiSTer Analog IO 6.1

Noctua NF-A4x10 5V, Premium Quiet Fan. Around $14. Mounts on the IO board.

CPU Fan, great for Single Board Computers like Raspberry Pi or the MiSTer IO Board

Speaking of cooling – you will need a heat-sink. This one is around $10 but if you order overseas, you can get it for less than half that.

DE-10 Nano Heat-sink

MiSTer USB Hub, which is totally optional but very necessary IMO. Priced around $47.


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