Ubuntu Kernel Panic?

Recently after an update to my thinkzinc.com server, I was greeted with a “kernel panic” error. I was able to get into the grub menu by holding down the shift key at boot and then choose a different kernel. This worked and I can only assume that the new kernel is not compatible with my hardware. So the question became, how do I force grub to boot the older kernel? I found an answer that worked for me at Ask Ubuntu. Here’s the source.

If you have a few Kernels in your system you can set manually what Kernel version will start:

  1. Reboot your PC with pressed Shift button for display GRUB after BIOS will start. You will see something like: GRUB start page
  2. Select “Advanced options for Ubuntu” and memorize index of this menu line(count starts from 0) On the picture index is 1
Select concrete Kernel
  1. Select concrete kernel for boot and also memorize index of this menu line(count starts from 0) On the picture index of chosen Kernel is 2
  2. Start system. This action is for one boot on concrete kernel. If you want to start from concrete Kernel all time you should do next steps:

4.1. Open and edit GRUB setup file:

sudo nano /etc/default/grub

4.2. Find line GRUB_DEFAULT=…(by default GRUB_DEFAULT=0) and sets in quotes menu path to concrete Kernel(Remember menu indexes from steps 2 and 3). In my system first index was 1 and second was 2. I set in to GRUB_DEFAULT


Save file.

4.3. Update GRUB information for apply changes:

sudo update-grub

4.4. After reboot you automatically boot on Kernel by chosen menu path. An example on my machine 1 -> 2

4.5. Check Kernel version after reboot:

uname -r


Volta Wireless Update

I previously documented in another blog post entitled, “Volta Wireless is a SCAM” Volta Wireless is a trap. Bad service, bad to non-existent customer service and NO WAY TO CANCEL THE ACCOUNT. I had to change my debit card number to end the endless payments from Volta Wireless. So here’s my update.

Now Volta Wireless is spamming my inbox with failed payment notices. Mind you, I have used the only line of communication, which is email to beg Volta to cancel the account. For over a month, I was told they were working on it. Then communication stopped cold.

You know as well as I do that any time you have ever canceled an account, it takes seconds. But this isn’t the case when you are dealing with a scam company that wants to string you along and has no intentions of ever canceling. This kind of scam company should be illegal and should be held accountable for stealing people’s money. Yet, I see commercials for Volta Wireless. Incredible. Please don’t fall for this scam company!

Now I’m left wondering if they will later hire a debt collection service to go after me. It’s wild how sick, evil and predatory some scam companies can be.