Regular or Unleaded?

If anyone still had a sliver of faith left in government… The Flint water situation is beyond revolting. On Twitter people seem to think the best way of solving the situation is finding someone to blame when the situation is extremely complex. Historic unemployment which was a direct result of plant relocation and outsourcing leading to lower tax revenue and eventual bankruptcy. Poverty. Crumbling and dangerous infrastructure. No money to fix any of it. No money to pay the debt from today or yesterday. Enter big government with no-nonsense audits and financial management. Incompetent government entities testing water and giving the thumbs up. Shift money toward crippling debt by using Flint’s original water treatment system. But lo and behold, the old system had lead pipes. Makes you wonder how many years Flint residents drank leaded water BEFORE they were sourcing it from Detroit and did they know? Did they cover it up? How soon can they fix it? Subtracting those who are just looking for a quick political attack, who really cares? I spoke with Sandra Bernhardt of all people on Twitter about this issue and she said: “Penny wise, pound foolish.” I could tell she really cared. And she was right. How much money will the state pay for a fatal (!) mistake they made trying to save money? There are some resources that should be a priority. It seems to me that water of all things should be priority #1.